Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Alive!

Yeah, so I know that no one probably ever reads this much anymore, given my two-month absence, but what can I say?

Moving and starting grad school is a time-consuming change.

But regardless of how I feel about all that, or whether I've blogged or not, I have been knitting!!

I've gone through some phases since we got here. I finished my Fetching gloves, made two Odessa hats, started my first two socks, started a baby blanket for Casey...started a shawl from Folk Shawls, and most recently, two scarves from Scarf style.

We have here Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole in Silk Garden #226; isn't she lovely?

I don't think the color is working out for me though, or I just got really boring skeins in the mail, so I am going to cast on today with #88 and see how I like that.

We also have the Misty Garden scarf, made of silk/mohair by Habu Textiles...this stuff is soo thin that it seems like knitting with the embodiment of evil! It is starting out really nice, though, so I hope I can get it done for my sister's birthday or Christmas, both of which are about the same time.

I intend to order some Cotton Comfort from Green Mountain Spinnery in the next few days for the Midwest Moonlight scarf. I just can't resist the color and they way the fabric appears to be. Although I also kind of want to make one in the silver color, as well as the featured blue.

The only reason I even bought the book was for the Vintage Velvet pattern, but I still haven't been able to contemplate shelling out that much money for Touch Me...especially as I want to use the pretty blue-gray variegated colorway of Touch Me Due. Otherwise, I can't decide between brown, gray, copper, and green...