Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Highland Triangle Shawl is driving me batty.

The pattern is, well, a bit difficult, especially as I have never done either a charted project, or lace before. But seriously. It's not that hard.

Never mind the fact that I've had to frog the whole first section twice, and several smaller times before that. It's that darn YO, K, YO, K2tog, K, K2tog row. I got through the whole thing, and then messed up the 47th row. And then I kept going to try and figure out the pattern repeat boxes - which I still don't get, because you can't repeat the whole section in the increases, or you run out of stitches at the end and have half a box and some random pattern that doesn't match up - and I think I was only one st off, but I couldn't tell because of the row 47 problem...So I frog it, redo it, get halfway through, and end up with only 1K at the end of a row instead of 2. Now what went wrong? I redid the row, and got the same thing. Somewhere I forgot to increase or something. So I pulled it all out again this morning. The Indiecita Alpaca is looking a little fuzzier for the wear, and I don't think I can keep reusing it if I have to do this again. I am rather fed up with the whole thing.

However. I want. this. shawl. It. will. work. and. I. will. knit. it. darn. it.

For now, I cast on the Absorba mat...it's mindless, but enough fun with four strands and log cabinning, which I have never done either, to keep me amused.

And maybe some guardian angel out there who has done the HTS can explain to me exactly what "work increases into pattern as established" means, and how to repeat the boxes so they match the pattern. Not to mention the random increase rows "established" after the five repeats. Is it just like the knitting rest rows? Help? Someone?


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