Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More new UFO's!

Those are my first two MD dishcloths, and a third on the needles. I'm making it with yellow and country...something ombre in Sugar n Cream, and I actually really like it; the ombre looks much better knitted than in the ball! I am keeping these around as my take-to-work and watching-tv knitting, since I don't have to pay them much attention. However, my wrists hurt while working them, so I can only do so much at a time.

Yesterday, DH took me to City Knits, downtown, and I drooled around for the ten minutes until they closed, leaving with my second set of Addi Turbo needles - God, I love these things! - and three balls of this 80% wool / 20% rayon stuff in a pretty color called Honey Maple. I'm attempting the Variation on a Frill pattern at knitty.com. So I sat right down and taught myself the long-tail cast on last night. My sentiments: "this seems stupid" But this method's benefits will soon show themselves, I am sure. (Um, I really don't know why this pc is sideways...just pretend :-P)

Check out what else I found on knitty: nautie. These things made my day! I mean made. my. day. Since I am a paleontologist...or will be...someday...I just love these things. I feel like a groupie, but I am going to have to email the designer and tell her how awesome this pattern is. Get this - she's my age, in bioinformatics, and got married just a week before Matt and I last year!! Neat. Don't know how to use dpn's yet, but I can promise that I will soon!


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